What would you do if you heard the voice of God?

Intrigue Films is proud to announce “Beyond Belief”, the faith-based ’80s movie they couldn’t make in the ’80s! Featuring the music of Petra, Beyond Belief is a family film that will tell the story of what can happen when you listen to God’s voice, and then live out his dream for your life!

Run the Race. Keep the Faith.

It’s 1985 and Andy, a teenage outcast who is struggling with the recent loss of his larger-than-life father, believes he is hearing the voice of God telling him to run in the town marathon. With his home and family at stake, Andy must now choose between faith and reality as he embarks on an incredible adventure that will change his life forever!

Featuring the Songs of Petra!

An 80’s Christian icon, Petra is one of the most popular Christian Rock bands of all time! Spanning over 50 years as Christian rockers, Petra has sold over 10 million records, won 4 Grammys, 10 Dove Awards, and has been inducted into both the Christian Music Hall of Fame, and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame!

Petra is proud to partner with Intrigue Films on Beyond Belief, the first faith-based film that will feature the songs of Petra!

“Beyond Belief” is officially endorsed by Petra founder Bob Hartman and lead singer John Schlitt!

Meet the Team

Johnny Meier


Johnny has over 15 years of experience in the film industry and has worked as a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He made his directorial debut on the feature film “One Hit From Home” in 2012, which was distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment and made available nationwide at RedBox, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Walmart, and Family Christian Bookstores. Johnny is also the co-founder of Intrigue Films, a film production company that is committed to producing high quality entertainment. He is knowledgeable in all phases of the production process from screenwriting to post production and is currently in development on numerous film projects. Johnny and his wife, Laura, have been married for almost 5 years and they live in Arizona where they enjoy the warm desert weather.

Dave Stone


Dave is an award winning motion picture producer with three feature films and one 8-episode television series under his belt. His first independent feature, One Hit From Home, sold to PureFlix (God’s Not Dead, Same Kind of Different as Me, Unplanned) and debuted on Redbox in 2012, then later on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and was sold nationwide at Walmart and Family Christian Bookstores.  Currently, it has sold nearly 100,000 copies. Due to this success, PureFlix quickly invited him to produce their very successful 8-episode web series, based on their hit film series, “The Encounter”, which has been seen by over 8 million people.

Darren Scott Jacobs


Darren is an accomplished writer, speaker and Christian media professional. He is the head writer and host of “Against the Tide Media ”, which, in partnership with Angel Media,  provides marketing strategies and supportive content for “The Chosen ”. Darren’s published writing credits include “Crosshairs” for the Pure Flix Streaming Platform, an upcoming feature film based on the adaptation of the play “Grace Wins”, “The Realist and the Dreamer” published in 2008, and “History of the Hymns: The True Stories Behind the Most Cherished Hymns of the Christan Faith”. Darren’s work has been optioned by several producers, including the executive producers of “God’s Not Dead”.

Joe Sanders

Executive Producer

Joe is a seasoned Christian Event producer who has worked with artists such as Rebecca St. James, SonicFlood, Brian Littrell, and others. A major highlight was working with the A&E network, and producing an event that was featured on the popular television series Dog The Bounty Hunter. Building on this success, Joe has been a national event consultant for AlphaUSA, and has produced Christian events for colleges and professional sports teams. In 2015, Joe founded the marketing agency Relevant Elephant in Chicago. 

Sarah Fisher


With over 10 years of experience in sales in marketing, Sarah has extensive experience working in Christian Media. In addition to her background working with Nonprofits and Churches, she has developed and directed a multitude of social media campaigns for prominent Chrisitan Authors, Speakers, and Podcasters. Sarah has also coordinated and provided support to several national Chrisitan Conferences throughout the United States. 

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